Featured Species Friday: Giant Manta Ray (Mobula birostris)

Meet this week's Featured Species: the The Giant Manta Ray (Mobula birostris). Previously known as Manta birostris. Learn what makes this species so unique!

Big Changes for Genus Manta: Why Scientific Names Matter!

Ever wonder why species have two names? Why do scientists refer to species in Latin? Find out why this naming system is so important and how it is constantly changing!

Featured Species Friday: Longnose Sawshark (Pristiophorus peroniensis)

Meet this week's Featured Species: the Longnose or Common Sawshark (Pristiophorus cirratus). Learn what makes this species so unique!

One Shark’s Journey with Satellite Tag Technology

Follow one shark's nearly 400 mile journey and explore the development of satellite tag technology for the use of marine animal study and how the use of this technology is shaping shark research and conservation.

JAWesome Shark Merchandise that Supports Conservation and Research!

Where to get the best shark gear and make a difference in shark conservation and research at the same time!

Update on Leopard Shark Strandings in San Francisco Bay

Find out more about the mass strandings of leopard sharks from the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation.

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