Speak For Sharks: Support the the Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act

Today you have the ability – no –  the responsibility to tell your members of Congress to support a nationwide ban on the trade of shark fins in the United States. I will make it very simple for you. Click Here. Fill in your name, your address, and this site will automatically find your representatives, construct your letter to them, and send it off. It’s that easy. All you have to do is Click Here.

I would like to share a few words about the Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act from Ocean Advocate, Whitney Webber of Oceana.

The Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act would remove the United States from the global fin trade where fins from as many as 73 million sharks a year end up.

The demand for shark fins has led to shark finning – a gruesome practice that involves chopping off a shark’s fins and dumping the body back into the ocean to slowly drown or bleed to death –  and has driven some shark populations to catastrophic decline.

While the act of shark finning is illegal in American waters, fins continue to be bought and sold in the U.S. as an import. The demand for shark fins is one of the greatest threats facing shark populations around the world, which is why Congress needs to pass a federal ban. Now.

The fin trade ban bill has bipartisan support from more than 230 cosponsors, and more than 500 business and organizations. The push to crack down on the shark fin trade is so strong that even three state-owned airlines in China, the world’s largest trader of shark fins, has banned the shipment of fins.

A nationwide ban will show the world that the U.S. refuses to stand by as shark populations are eradicated from our oceans. Shark species play a crucial role in maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems, and are an important part of the U.S. tourism industry.

unnamed – Whitney Webber, Oceana

I sent correspondence to my representatives and I got a response back within a few hours from Senator Dick Durban’s office.


I also received a response from Senator Tammy Duckworth


Congress has still has work to do before they break for the year. Make sure they hear you and keep hearing you. Politics is not a 2 or a 4 year event. Get involved!

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Featured Image Source

Oceana. (2017 December). Add Your Voice [Digital Image]. Retrieved from https://act.oceana.org/

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