Baby Catshark Still Developing in its Eggcase Filmed on the Seafloor

Earlier this week, NOAA’s deep sea expedition team on board the Okeanos Explorer came across an incredible find: a baby shark still developing inside its transparent egg case. The baby shark, likely a catshark, was filmed at a depth of 820 feet (250 m) west of the Desecheo Island, an uninhabited island part of the archipelago of Puerto Rico (NOAA, 2018).

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer report on their Facebook page:

“The embryo is likely that of a catshark in the genus Scyliorhinus, which are known to lay their egg cases on benthic organisms like corals (seen here) and sponges. We have observed adult catsharks in this area during both the 2018 and 2015 Océano Profundo expeditions.”

Watch as the baby shark wiggles around attached to its yolk sac, safe inside its egg case. The egg case, often referred to as a mermaid’s purse, it held securely to the coral structure by long twisting tendrils on each corner of the case. Here the pup will develop over the next several months until the yolk sac is depleted before emerging as a fully formed shark, ready to hunt (Skomal, 2016).


Inner Space Center [Videographer]. (2018 November 16). Okeanos Explorer Video Bite: Rare Baby Shark Still in Egg Case [Video Clip]. Retrieved from


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Inner Space Center [Videographer]. (2018 November 16). Okeanos Explorer Video Bite: Rare Baby Shark Still in Egg Case [Screen Capture]. Retrieved from

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