FINtastic Shark Swag For Shark Fest and Shark Week 2019

In celebration of Nat Geo’s THREE week long Shark Fest and Discovery’s Shark Week, it’s time for another addition of Shark Swag that Supports Shark Conservation and Research! It’s the best kind of shark swag and let’s face it, we can never get enough!

Ocean for Sharks Shop



Be sure to stop by the new Ocean For Sharks Shop! There’s handmade ocean inspired plush animals, canvas paintings, of course my children’s book, Winifred the Wondrous Whale Shark, available in print and PDF, and free coloring sheets available for download from the wonderfully talents Julius Csotonyi. Remember proceeds benefit shark research and conservation with a donation to Project AWARE!





Ok! This is an oldie, but a goodie! If you didn’t know that you can support shark conservation just by shopping on Amazon as you do normally, then you definitely need to check this out. Every time you shop on Amazon, use the url On your first visit you’ll be asked to select your preferred charity. There are several wonderful shark conservation organizations to choose from including- but certainly not limited to:

Once you select your charity of choice, a percentage of all your eligible Amazon purchases will be donated to benefiting shark conservation and research efforts! Way to go Amazon! Just remember to always use the url!


Sharks Are Our Friends



HOW ADORABLE IS THIS SHIRT?! If you have not heard of this incredible young conservationist named Zoe who loves sharks, then you need to go check out her Instagram @sharksareourfriends NOW. This amazing young lady is so passionate and has so much fight in her to protect sharks! I have no words to describe just how inspired and hopeful she makes me! As part of her campaign to raise awareness for sharks, she designed this adorable – and incredibly comfortable – shirt and donates all proceeds to shark conservation. I have one. I love it! Seriously I wear it ALL. THE. TIME.



Project Aware



As a diver, I absolutely cannot say enough about Project Aware and how proud I am to dive with and donate to Project Aware. This organization was created by PADI divers to help clean our oceans of marine debris on every dive and to help push forward legislation that would protect elasmobranchs. Supporting Project Aware – whether by diving, starting a campaign, donating money, or buying some really awesome shark and manta ray swag – is an amazing way to get involved in the conservation effort regardless of your geographic location.  #LoveTheUnloved




Sharks4Kids is a wonderful organization focused on getting kids involved in shark science and conservation. They are currently running their Shark Awareness Day t-shirt campaign! Now through July 28, 2019 you can grab your shark shirt and help support  their education and outreach programs! T-shirts, tank tops, and long sleeves are available in adult & youth sizes. Help them reach their goal of 25 shirts!!!!


Lexy the Elderbull



If you haven’t met Lexy and Bruce on Instagram yet, you absolutely must @lexy_the_elderbull! Lexy and Bruce were a random chance meeting that changed everything. Four years ago Lexy, a rescue pitbull, picked Bruce out from a busy pet store shelf and they’ve been inseparable ever since. 2019 is their 4th year celebrating this bond and the beautiful causes that are educating & fundraising to support pitbull type dogs & shark conservation. PROUD to ANNOUNCE their 2019 CAMPAIGN 🐾🦈❤️ #WorthMoreAlive  Their campaign benefits Pinups for Pitbulls and Sharks4kids





I feel like every legging company on the planet is trying to rip off the Waterlust Whale Shark legging design! And if you haven’t seen these all over your Facebook and Instagram feed by now I’m pretty sure you’ve been living under a rock or something for a past few years! Just kidding (only kind of) 😉 The reason I support Waterlust and will gladly pay more for their products is that not only do they create a good quality product, but they are also partners with University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. If you are not familiar, check out Dr. Neil Hammerschlag. 🙂 Through this partnership they support a variety of conservation topics, not just sharks and rays, but corals conservation and restoration as well. Their designs reflect nearly every aspect of their research projects, and come in a variety of products from women’s tops and leggings to men’s apparel, and even accessories. They really are worth checking out!


Shark Trust UK



Based out of the UK, The Shark Trust offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a new rash guard, hoodie, plushie, or even to adopt a shark there’s something here for you! My personal favorite is the Jaw-Some tote bag! SUPER cute! And don’t worry about the size of your order, The Shark Trust offers flat rate shipping worldwide regardless of the size of your order!


Atlantic White Shark Conservancy


Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and Cape Cod have been getting a lot of attention lately for their very active white shark population in recent years. Their shop features completely unique items including fin jewelry and cuff links, cozy hoodies, and Gills Club clothing for the young girl you know who loves sharks! All sales benefit continuing shark research at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy in Chatham, MA! It’s a great way to get support up and coming research into white sharks along the Atlantic coast.




4Ocean creates beautiful glass beads bracelets made from recycled beach trash. Each bracelet purchase is 1 pound of trash collected from beach and ocean cleanups! Each month 4Ocean partners creates a limited edition bracelet and partners with a different ocean conservation organization to which the proceeds are donated. For the month of July, 4Ocean has released their limited edition whale shark bracelet. When you purchase a Whale Shark Bracelet, they will pull one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines on your behalf. The goal is to raise awareness about the endangered whale shark and the steps that must be taken to save them. To support crucial whale shark research, 4Ocean is donating $25,000 to Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. The donation will be used to advance their whale shark tagging and migration program, which will help the world better understand and protect this endangered species for future generations.

4Ocean. [4Ocean]. (2017, June 5). World Environment Day. Retrieved June 16, 2017 from


JYNCreations The Plastic Albatross



I’m still going to gush over JYNCreations. Jamie is an artist who crochets plastic bags into adorable ocean creatures, including sharks and rays!! I have 2 sharks, a hammerhead and a whale shark, an adorable manta ray, and soon a NUDIE!!! from Jamie! I’ve also purchased a pacific white sided dolphin and an octopus as gifts! They have been fantastic hits! While Jamie doesn’t donate proceeds directly to shark conservation efforts, she does donate to ocean clean up and restoration projects with several organizations, benefiting the entire ecosystem. If you are looking for a unique gift idea and a small way to reuse single use plastic bags, I cannot recommend checking out Jamie’s work enough!

These are just a few of my favorite stores with great merch and conservation efforts! **As a disclaimer, I am not paid by any of these companies. I support their causes and their products but do take receive any compensation. I donate all proceeds from the Ocean for Sharks Store.** Do you have one that you frequent that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment! Share it! Link it!

Remember you can make a difference for marine ecosystems by calling your Congress man or woman and tell them that you care about the quality of our waters! Sharks, rays, and other marine organisms cannot speak or be represented in Congress. They need your voice. Get involved and stand up for sharks.


Featured Image Source

Flannery, A. (Photographer). (2018). Handmade Hammerhead Plushie [Digital Image]. (Original Content).

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