I’m Amanda Flannery. I have a Master’s in Conservation Biology from Miami University’s Advanced Inquiry Program. My work has focused on inspiring shark conservation action in others through education and personal connection. 

I began this blog in April 2017 as a project in one of graduate courses that explored the connection between biology and technology. My goal was to examine, educate, and converse about the declining global elasmobranch populations due to anthropogenic influences. What began as an 8 part blog series became a platform for community outreach and exploration for my Master’s work and beyond.

You can read all about my journey through my Master’s program in my Portfolio.

Join me on this journey. Learn about all these amazing creatures, and perhaps even learn to love them, even if you’ve never seen the ocean before! Most importantly, find how you can get involved in the fight to save our sharks!

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 -Amanda Flannery


Featured Image Source

Flannery, A. (Photographer). (2016, May). Caribbean Whiptail Stingray, Exumas [Digital Image].

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  1. HI, Amanda! Thanks for signing up to follow my blog on diet, exercise and living past 100. You certainly picked a fascinating subject to study and blog about. I wish you luck in your project!

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