Featured Species: Giant Devil Ray (Mobula mobular)

This week's featured species is named for their horn-shaped cephalic fins that give them a devilish look. Meet the Giant Devil Ray!

Featured Species: Sixgill Sawshark (Pliotrema warreni)

This week's featured species has two distinct characteristics that make it one very unique shark! Meet the Sixgill Sawshark!

Featured Species: Birdbeak Dogfish (Deania calcea)

Continuing with the weird and the beautiful, this week's other worldly shark species is the Birdbeak Dogfish!

Featured Species: Pyjama Shark (Poroderma africanum)

This week's featured species is always ready for a pyjama party! Meet the Pyjama Shark!

Featured Species: Green Sawfish (Pristis zijsron)

Celebrate International Sawfish Day with the largest of the sawfishes: the Green Sawfish.

Featured Species Friday: Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas)

This infamous species has been found thousands of miles upstream in the Amazon and Mississippi. Check out this week's featured species: the bull shark.

Featured Species Friday: Spiny Dogfish (Squalus acanthias)

This week is going to the dogs... the Spiny Dogfish that is! Spend some time with one of the smaller species of shark who can teach us an important lesson about population management!

There is a New Shark in Town: Long-snouted African Spurdog (Squalus bassi)

With only 5% of the oceans explored, it's no surprise we are discovering new species every year. Just don't be expecting any megalodons! Check out the latest species described to science: Long-snouted African Spurdog (Squalus bassi)

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