Featured Species: Bigeye Sand Tiger Shark (Odontaspis noronhai)

This week's featured species is one of three species of known ragged tooth sharks. Meet the Bigeye Sand Tiger Shark!

Featured Species: Bluntnose Sixgill Shark (Hexanchus griseus)

This week's featured species is a primitive deep water species, and one of only a few known species to have six pairs of gills. Meet the Bluntnose Sixgill Shark!

Baby Catshark Still Developing in its Eggcase Filmed on the Seafloor

An incredible find at the bottom of the Caribbean: a baby catshark developing inside a transparent egg case.

Featured Species Friday: Deepsea Skate (Bathyraja abyssicola)

It's a Flat Shark special edition of Featured Species Friday! This week we are looking at the beautiful Deepsea Skate, which was just recently observed for the first time in the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

Oceanic Whitetips Protected Under Endangered Species Act!

Great step towards protecting our oceanic whitetip sharks!

Featured Species: Greenland Shark (Somniosus microcephalus)

This week's Featured Species takes us all the way to the arctic. Dive in and find out all about the sluggish Greenland shark!

There is a New Shark in Town: Long-snouted African Spurdog (Squalus bassi)

With only 5% of the oceans explored, it's no surprise we are discovering new species every year. Just don't be expecting any megalodons! Check out the latest species described to science: Long-snouted African Spurdog (Squalus bassi)

Fishing & Finning: Influence of Asian Fishing Markets

Part 7 in an 8 Part Series: Explore how pressures from Asian fishing markets have led to increased shark landings in the past 30 years; and what these pressures may mean for shark populations in the future if these fishing rates continue.

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